Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Three news stories about Shaken Baby Syndrome caught my eye today:

Today's Hartford Courant has a compelling article by Kathy Megan about SBS. It shows the consequences of shaking a child, and discusses prevention activities in Connecticut...

The Cambridge Chronicle reports that the Cambridge Health Alliance and eight other Massachusetts hospitals will be joining an initiative undertaken by District Attorney Gerry Leone to educate new parents about the vulnerability of young children to shaking injuries.

Aiden Stein turned five this week. This article demonstrates that SBS truly begets tragedies upon tragedy. He survived being shaken by his father, but was left dumb and blind. His maternal grandmother believes his time has come. His paternal grandmother believes Aiden suffers from a birth defect.

And finally, sad news from the UK about a paramedic arrested for shaking his three month old son.