Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Nevada: Bad News, Good News

KVVU (Fox5Vegas) reports that child abuse is increasing in the Las Vegas metro area.

The good news is that they also report the Metro Police Department is working with local hospitals to educate new parents.

Child Abuse In Vegas Rises 17 Percent
Police: Clark County Has Surge Of Child Abuse Cases

POSTED: 3:24 pm PDT July 27, 2009

LAS VEGAS -- After months in which accidental child shootings and parental arrests have dominated news headlines, Las Vegas Metro police confirmed what many already suspected.
Clark County is seeing a surge in child abuse cases. The numbers have risen 17 percent, according to authorities.
“More broken bones, more shaken baby syndrome,” said Metro Lt. Ray Steiber, who believes the weakened economy and stress on families is partly to blame for the increase.
“Being out of work, wondering how you're going to pay for that next meal or how to pay the light bill. We do see that and sometimes it transitions into the way people tend and care for their children,” Steiber said.
Through July of this year, Metro Police have dealt with seven cases of shaken baby syndrome. Police responded to nine total cases in 2008. There have also been four cases of murder by child abuse, police said, tying the same number of cases from last year.

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In April, the police department launched its “Just Step Back” prevention program, a partnership with area hospitals that’s intended to educate new parents before they go home with their children.
“[Parents] will be seeing a video that gives information as well as signing off on a checklist from the hospital,” Steiber said.