Monday, August 24, 2009

Prevention: Another DVD reports that parenting educators in Staffordshire, with support from the Queen's Nursing Institute and the West Midlands Innovation Fund, will be creating a DVD to educate new parents and students about the causes, consequences and prevention of SBS.

The DVD will be piloted in 5 local high schools.

Hopefully, they will look around to see what's been done already...
Future parents in south Staffordshire are to be given new life skills educational support and advice about the dangers of rough handling and shaking babies to help prevent Shaken Baby Syndrome.

Stop That Shake – Babies Break! – is a innovative project set up between South Staffordshire Primary Care Trust’s (PCT) and Torc Vocational Centre, Tamworth. Project leads Janine McKnight, Specialist Community Public Health Practitioner for South Staffordshire PCT and Alison Mennell, Health Tech Project Co-ordinator, of Torc, will also be working with safeguarding teams, police, paediatricians and students from Torc Vocational Centre.

The project has been given a £7,500 cash boost from the Queen’s Nursing Institute (QNI) and NHS West Midlands Innovation Fund to develop a DVD covering the cause, consequences, risks and prevention factors around Shaken Baby Syndrome.
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In addition to funding Janine and Alison, who is also a nurse and midwife, will be given professional leadership support and enjoy project management training from QNI and West Midlands Innovation Fund team to develop their unique project.

It sounds like a great project, and the project staff surely have good intentions, but it doesn't seem that creating a DVD about SBS prevention is a "unique" project.

Now, if the DVD is useful and informative, and helps parents talk to other caregivers about the need for a coping plan, AND they put it on YouTube for parents and students around the world to use, that might do qualify it as "unique"...

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