Monday, January 24, 2011

Good SBS Prevention Resources (2011)

We'll be expanding this page to provide more links to websites that offer prevention resources, but for now:

National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome


Kempe Children's Hospital Center "Calm A Crying Baby" site


The Upstate New York SBS Prevention Project


Downloadable Infant Comforting Cards from the Ontario SBS Prevention Project (19 languages)

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Downloadable resources from the Alberta SBS Prevention Project

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If we're overlooking a good resource (and since this is only the beginning, I know we are), please use the comment feature below to let us know...

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Anonymous said...

My name is Steve Stowe, I am the co founder of Shaken Baby Syndrome of Virginia, Inc. Most of our story can be found on our web site at I have been working with Del. Glen Oder for over two years developing legislation for the prevention of SBS/AHT. My wife and I lost Jared 12/11/2009, but he lived with us in our home for 2 years, 8 Months, and 1 Day. We are self employed, and the sacrifice which I would have never done any other way, is an Exspense to caregivers like we were that never goes away. The grief, loneliness, and marital trauma are almost always never introduced while profiling a shaken baby case. It is almost impossible to get a Business back on it's feet after such tradgedy. Credit scores for people like us will never be the same, and We still drop everything when we are asked to do a presentation, or just speak to a group of professionals. I truley believe that the fact that we put a face , a name, a loved and happy baby in the middle of our presentations is the key.I am sure The Skipper Initiative has the same affect on people.We are moving on to the Senate in Virginia next week in order to push through HJ 632, and George Lithco took the time to find that and send every bit of the information asked for in Hj 632. The power in a large group of Parents with passion only we know is another key.I want to thank George for his efforts, and intend on braking any anonimity He may have left with our friends in the Media here in Tidewater. I am honored and grateful to be a part of something so meaningful to society as a hole.