Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Doris Duke/Chapin Hall Fellowships: Child Abuse Prevention

Good news from Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago...

Chapin Hall and the Doris Duke Foundation are collaborating to create 30 Child Abuse Prevention fellowships. Link to announcement

The fellowships sound encouraging: they're intended to identify and develop a new generation of leaders who will use diverse research methods and a "look over the fence" to improve child abuse prevention policy and practice.
Chapin Hall is seeking individuals with the skills, passion, and institutional support necessary for sustaining long-term professional involvement in child abuse prevention.

“We’re looking for applicants who demonstrate initiative to look over the fence and learn what is new in other domains,” said Daro. “We’re looking for those who actively engage in disseminating their findings and work to increase visibility of child abuse and neglect prevention within broader professional associations, and those who understand that research initiatives need to be developed with an eye toward influencing how program managers and policy makers do their work.”

“We hope that with its national reach and multidisciplinary approach, the Doris Duke Fellowships program will foster unique contributions that address the many opportunities and needs in child abuse prevention, a field that is gaining momentum across the country,” said Francie Zimmerman, program officer for the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation’s Child Abuse Prevention Program. “Fellows will benefit from Chapin Hall’s expertise as they participate in this robust learning experience.
Link to Chapin Hall video of Research Fellow Deborah Daro, chair of the Doris Duke Fellowships for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect, talking with Anne Cohn Donnelly, Senior Lecturer at Northwestern University, about opportunities provided by the fellowships.

The next application period will open August 2011 through December 2011.

Daro is the author of an interesting 2010 issue brief "Child Abuse Prevention: A Job Half Done." Link

And Chapin Hall researchers have developed and evaluated a diverse set of programs aimed at reducing risks for maltreatment and strengthening parental capacity.
One such example is Chapin Hall’s evaluation of the Community Partnerships for Protecting Children initiative as implemented in four urban communities. You can find this and more research—including a systems approach, an epidemiological perspective, and perspectives on early childhood home visitation—in the Home Visitation and Maltreatment Prevention tab. Link
Some other Chapin Hall resources:

Progress Toward a Prevention Perspective (2009)

Epidemiological Perspectives on Maltreatment Prevention (2009)

Evidence-Based Systems of Home Visitation: Opportunities for Replication and State Innovation (2009)

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