Thursday, October 06, 2011

What Prevention Resources Should Be On the Congressional Reading List?

In 2009, Mikert/Butchart published an interesting meta-review of the literature about child maltreatment prevention. It's good for members of Congress and their staff to know what those in the field think is most effective, efficient and useful.

I've always thought an annual recommended reading list on prevention would be useful for Congressional staff, as they frequently change positions. Not just new readings, but those of enduring value.

With that in mind, if you had the opportunity to recommend three readings on prevention to your Congressional delegation - and their staff - to help them understand the causes, costs and consequences of child maltreatment, the opportunities for prevention, and the cost/benefits of prevention, so that they could help shape federal prevention stratgies and make informed federal funding decisions, what readings would you recommend?

Please use the comment feature to leave a list, or support recommendations. Links to the source are helpful.

In particular, I'd encourage recommendations that focus on the tipping point(s) - early intervention opportunities where a little leverage goes a long way.

(I assume, of course, there are such readings...)

NB. WHO has some good online resources on prevention, including this course book

Link to WHO prevention resources page:
Link to course book:

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