Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Babyzone features an excerpt from The Colic Chronicles, an insight into the world of a mom coping with a colicky baby and post-partum depression.
[Update - Mama Speaks also has a good review...]

It's an important perspective to share with new parents: colic is cited as a key precipitating factor in many shaking cases, and the feelings of failure, isolation and depression that accompany PPD makes caregiving harder for all of the family.

Knowing that others have dealt with the same issue, and learning about their coping techniques, can't help but put things into better perspective.

So many books today focus on soothing the baby but what about the poor soul who is trying to care for that baby! That is where The Colic Chronicles comes in. Tara shares some helpful hints, professional advice, and important mommy self-care tips and delivers all in a fun and easy-to-read style. Included in the appendix is a copy of "The Colic Commandments," a colic countdown calendar, and numerous references for making mom's life easier.

PS. I do wish that Babyzone included some reminders in its checklist that parents need to talk to other caregivers about colic (and teething, vaccinations, etc.), the feeling of frustration and anger that can result and help them prepare a coping plan.

Disclosure: when the book was in progess, we discussed the links between SBS and colic with the author, Tara Kompare. She is generously making a contribution to the SKIPPER Initiative.

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