Saturday, November 29, 2008

An interesting study (Medscape may require free registration to login) on implementing culturally competent substance abuse prevention training for teachers.

It offers some important tips on training the trainers:

Training as the Teaching of Adult Learners
Teachers also responded positively to the interactive, facilitated approach to learning—both for themselves and their students.
This aspect of training emerged as key to their learning of the content, their creation of models for their students, and their classroom instructional strategies (Kealey et al. 2000). Because the Implementer Manual contained all the materials needed for every activity in every lesson, teachers embraced the notion of stressing facilitated learning and practiced it during the training sessions, prior to undertaking the exercises in the classroom with their students.
Those planning for implementer training should ensure that all materials are provided; that they are attractive; that they are clearly organized and user-friendly; and that they reflect the philosophical approach to the training as well as the program for which the training is being provided.

Worth keeping in mind not only for training teachers to deliver prevention education in schools, but nurse educators in hospital based programs.

From Culture in the Classroom: Developing Teacher Proficiency in Delivering a Culturally-grounded Prevention Curriculum, Mary L. Harthun et al. Medscape (may require FREE subscription to login) J Prim Prev. 2008;29(5):435-454. ©2008 Springer
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