Thursday, September 03, 2009

Reading List: SBS Articles

From my alert...

MG Ward, S Bennett, and WJ King
Prevention of shaken baby syndrome: Never shake a baby.
Paediatr Child Health 1 May 2004 9(5): p. 319.;19657516

L Meskauskas, K Beaton, and M Meservey
Preventing shaken baby syndrome: a multidisciplinary response to six tragedies.
Nurs Womens Health 1 Aug 2009 13(4): p. 325.;19686555

Ana Isabel Curcoy, Victoria Trenchs, Marta Morales, Alicia Serra, Merce Pineda, and Jordi Pou
Do retinal hemorrhages occur in infants with convulsions?
Arch Dis Child 6 Aug 2009.;19666457

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