Tuesday, September 08, 2009

SBS Survivors: Trae Caster, Texas

Trae Caster is a member of the Trinity High School marching band. You might not think that unusual, unless you know he survived injuries inflicted by a (licensed) child care provider when he was an infant. Now, he's playing with the band.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports on his accomplishments (with video). It sounds like band director Mario Casanova deserves some kudos too!)...Link

Trae’s vision, his mother said, "comes and goes." He struggles to form words and walks with an uneven gait. But the slender youth clutching a pair of drumsticks is no less a part of the Trinity band than any of its other members — a fact that underscores the school’s mission statement.

"We . . . strive to educate, respect and recognize all students," it reads in part.

Band director Mario Casanova said he had no qualms about inviting Trae to make music with other students. Last year, a senior who played the trumpet marched with the Trojan band despite being legally blind. After his graduation the student embraced the band leader and thanked him for treating him like everyone else.

"We don’t know what Trae can or can’t do," Casanova said. "He doesn’t even know. But whatever he can do, more power to him. He loves music. And he’s having a great time.

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