Saturday, February 28, 2009

Central Illinois: Shaken Baby Cases Spike

WEEK TV reports on a spike in shaken baby cases in the Peoria area of Illinois.   Six cases in a relatively short time....Link to video report
The past two days, the Peoria Area has seen a sharp spike in the number of children who may be victims of Shaken Baby Syndrome. Area doctors believe the stress of the times could be taking a toll on caregivers and the babies.
Doctor Steven Lichtenstein has been a Pediatric Ophthalmologist for more than twenty years, and he says never in his career has he seen so many cases of Shaken Baby Syndrome, in such a short period of time. The doctor contacted News 25, concerned that this may be a growing trend.
In the past two days alone, Doctor Steven Lichtenstein says he has been asked to evaluate six cases of Shaken Baby Syndrome, and four of which he's already diagnosed.
"Yesterday I saw three babies who definitely had shaken baby syndrome, one baby who I did not see because they weren't dilated. This afternoon at lunchtime I saw one who was definitely shaken baby also" the doctor said.
And he was informed of another case shortly after this interview.
* * *
Psychotherapist Dr. Joy Miller believes one of the contributing factors to the alarming rise in seen at Children's Hospital of Illinois could be the hard economic times.
"I wonder how much stress is playing on these families. Maybe they are very close to the edge and there is a crying baby" Doctor Miller said.

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