Friday, January 23, 2009

Good News Friday: New York's Got A New Mom as Senator...

Kirsten Gillibrand (1) is a recent mother; (2) had been our Representative in Congress; and (3) is Governor Paterson's pick to replace Hillary Clinton as New York's junior Senator (she has other qualifications, of course, as the New York Times discusses...)

She cosponsored the SBS Prevention Act (HR 2052) in the last Congress, and we expected that she would do so again when Representative Nita Lowey reintroduces in this Congress.

She and Representative Herseth Sandlin shared the honor of (1) becoming mothers during the 110th Congress and (2) consponsoring HR 2052 in that Congress.

So, we're sad to see her leave the House, but welcome her to the Senate.

She will have an opportunity to join Senator Schumer, New York's senior Senator, as a cosponsor of the SBS Prevention Act when it is reintroduced by Senator Dodd. Senator Schumer has been a longstanding supporter of SBS education...

We hope she'll also join as a cosponsor of two other bills that are good for young children and their families: the MOTHERS Act and the Education Begins at Home Act, both of which were recently introduced in the 111th Congress.

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