Sunday, January 25, 2009

Good news: SBS Prevention Legislation - IA, CT, NJ, MT

So far, January has brought four legislative initiatives for Shaken Baby Syndrome prevention: bills in Connecticut, New Jersey and Iowa, and a bill drafting request in Montana.

NJ:  Assemblymen Greenwald, Fisher and Munoz have introduced a bill (A725) to require hospitals to offer parents educational materials about SBS and have someone discuss SBS with new parents before they leave the hospital.

CT:  Representative Mushinsky has introduced a bill (HB 5165), cosponsored by Rep. Rojas,  that would require that high school and middle school students have an opportunity to learn about SBS

IA:  A bill (House File 65) has been introduced by Representatives Smith, Heaton and Miller to require hospital based SBS education.   Interestingly, Iowa provides lobbyist declarations: of note, the Iowa Medical Society supports this bill.

MT: A bill is being drafted (LC 2012) at the request of State Senator Laslovich to require SBS education.

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