Wednesday, April 15, 2009

David Beckham and Safe Play: Just Because You Can Doesn't Mean You Should...

This photo of soccer player David Beckham playing with his son engendered a modest controversy. For example, BabbleAustralia; DailyGrind (note the pushback in the comments section to the suggestion that this isn't a good idea)...

Frequently, people ask whether throwing a child up in the air might cause SBS.

The answer: not according to the AAP advisory (see below), but what happens if you drop him/her?
Shaken baby syndrome awareness programs that erroneously state that shaken baby syndrome may be caused by bouncing a child on a knee, by tossing him in the air, or even by rough play are to be discouraged, because they are inaccurate and may cause parents who have not abused their child to feel guilty.

Shaken Baby Syndrome: Rotational Cranial InjuriesTechnical Report

So, what do you think: safe play or not?

PS. Beckham is cited as a role model for some other strange things...

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