Sunday, April 05, 2009

Resources: iPhone Apps for Parents

PC Mag has an interesting article.  Link  

It collects 10 iPhone apps that can provide timely resources for parents.  It reminds us that in a digital age, an iPhone or other smartphone is likely to be in many diaper bags, and it can become a potent resource.

Of course, the greatest resource is the ability to reach out and share the frustration...

Need a little white noise on a trip?
White Noise
Babies scream, toddlers pout, and parents can often lose their minds. Since the sound of crickets chirping has the same relaxing effect on children as it does on adults, White Noise is perfect for taking things down a notch. The portable calming solution is available as a free limited download (complete with rainstorm, ocean, fireplace, and five other soothing sounds) and can put peace at your fingertips. The full version is available for 99 cents and includes a library of 40 sounds, including frogs.
Need just a touch of light in the middle of the night?
myLite Flashlight
While there's nothing fancy about an iPhone application that uses the screen to emit white light, the practical uses for such an application are priceless. The free myLite Flashlight app provides a straightforward series of settings to control light color and brightness (plus some cool effects for those who desire it). You'll never lose a pacifier in a dark movie theater again.
Need to send photos from a long trip?
Birthday parties, sporting events, and school plays are all perfect occasions to snap some extra shots with your iPhone. With the free AirMe application, you won't even need to wait until you get home to start sharing them with friends and family! Upload instantly to Photobucket, TinyPic, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, or Picasa without the hassle of file transfer or e-mail, and without the cost of an external gadget. (Of course, this means you'll no longer have an excuse for not updating photos to your online baby book.)

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