Sunday, April 26, 2009

Stroll for SBS Prevention MA

Today, MassKids sponsored its third Annual Stroll for Shaken Baby Prevention.

Link to MassKids page on the Stroll.
Link to article about the Stroll.

As part of the lead up to the Stroll, WBZ interviewed Shannon Byron, the mother of a shaken baby, and ex-husband Sean Forant, the man who shook his child. It's worth a listen...

to WBZ interview

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Hi, my name is Shannon Byron; you wrote a nice comment saying it would be worth taking a listen to the WBZ radio interview I did. I appriciate your saying that. Just before I read what you wrote, I was trying to catch my breath and calm down after reading some pretty nasty comments that were left about me regarding my disguist toward the i phone app. One man had written that we all need to calm down about this and it wasn't his fault that Shannon Byron was a Baby Shaker! I just about lost my mind at the pure ignorance. I didn't Shake my child for one, and for two my daughter is 8 years old and still in diapers, hasn't yet taken her first steps, has had 2 major surgeries (once when she was only 3 and had a pin and 3 screws put in her hip and had to wear a full body cast for 6 weeks in the dead of summer), has blindness, and Cerebral Palsy. I say this not as a cry for sympathy, but as a cry for more people to be outraged that this continues to happen. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about what happened; that I don't blame myself, that I don't pray to God for all of this to have just been a dream, or pray to let me take her place. This is what parents live with, the real dirty truth of it. I don't talk about what happened to my daughter every day because I want to be reminded and relive the pain, I talk about it because for 10 jerks in the world that respond with a joke or mean comment; there will be one person who listens and stops to think before they Shake a Baby! Thank you
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