Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Leadership: Minnesota Acts to Require Education About the Affect of Shaking on Children as Old as 5

A brief article in the Bemidji Pioneer reports the Minnesota House of Representatives voted in favor of a bill proposed by Rep. Phillip Sterner to ensure that training for child care workers about SIDS and SBS includes information about the vulnerability of children as old as 5 years of age to shaking injuries. Link

With estimates that as many as 13 million children age 5 and younger may be in child care for all or part of the week, it's good to hear that Minnesota is taking this action. 

When adopted by the Senate and enacted into law, Minnesota will be the first state in the nation to require licensed providers be educated that "Shaken Baby Syndrome" doesn't just affect babies...
No shaking

Representatives voted 122-12 to require child-care workers to be trained about sudden infant death and shaken baby syndromes, including that such problem can affect children up to age 5.

“This bill simply helps make sure child-care providers have accurate information about the risks of shaking a small child up to the age of 5, which in turn may help avert a tragedy,” Rep Phillip Sterner, DFL-Rosemount, said.

Shaken baby syndrome can result in serious injury or even death.

Minnesota law now has different training standards for child-care workers. Sterner's bill would clarify the law so all such workers get adequate training.

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