Sunday, May 03, 2009

Perspective: SBS Education in Prenatal Classes

If you've been wondering why pre-natal classes aren't a better place for SBS education than hospitals, this reflective post by CatandMuse deserves your attention (caution - well-placed, functional expletives were used in the making of this post...). Link to blog post (Thanks, Pam!)
During our birthing class, my husband and I learned and saw a lot of things we didn’t already know about the birthing process and newborn care. What neither of us expected was to continually hear the sentence, “NEVER, ever shake a baby” . It was almost annoying to hear that sentence repeated so casually and so frequently, I mean isn’t that OBVIOUS?

It was such an annoyance that Cybr and I spoke of it one night on our way home, agreeing that it was ridiculous that it need be repeated so much. Everyone knows that and surely it is few and far between that need be reminded.

This was our thinking before our baby was born.

After we had been home with Kira for a few weeks, that is when it became clear as to exactly why it is repeated so frequently. Bringing home a newborn is stressful, exhausting and frightening. It pushes you to limits mentally, physically and emotionally that you have never before been. This happens while mothers are simultaneously having EXTREME hormone fluxuation, sleep deprivation and more than likely self-doubt. I can also add burning a high fever and being in severe pain to that list, which I am certain others have experienced as well....

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wownurse said...

I believe that there are so many avenues that can be pursued to get the word out about the dangers of shaking a baby. I felt this mom in her blog said it with a great deal of passion and truth.

Kierra's Nana Pam