Friday, May 15, 2009

SBS Survivors: Evan Coleman, West Allis Wisconsin in Milwaukee has a compelling video news report on the consequences of SBS.

It's the story of Evan Coleman, who's eight years old, and the story of how his parents are working to increase awareness - even though his father is responsible for those injuries...Link
Evan's father spent seven years in prison.

His son's sentence will last much longer."He now has epilepsy. He's been hospitalized four or five times for seizures. His behavior, his social skills -- he's 8 years old and his social skills are about a 4-year-old level," Coleman said.

Coleman said a portion of Evan's brain -- the part that regulates reasoning and emotion -- is permanently damaged, so Evan goes into rages and tantrums.

The news video includes an interview with his father, who admitted that he lost was responsible for those injuries.
Evan's father, who 12 News is not identifying, was caring for him one day in 2001 when he said Evan's constant crying pushed him over the edge.

"I lost it, and I picked him up, and I shook him. I think two or three times, and I kind of tossed him into his crib, and that's when I think he hit his head on the railing of the crib," Evan's father said. "As soon as I did it, I couldn't believe what had happened, what I had done.

"He drove his son to Children's Hospital. Evan's mother -- who had been at work -- rushed to be with them.

"I remember walking into the room, and Evan was laying there in a little bed, and his eyes were black and blue, and he had cuts all over his face. He had tubes in his head. He looked like the life was pretty much sucked out of him," Jenny Coleman said. "I said, 'I will find who did this to you and they will pay.'"

She didn't have to look far.

"I was so ashamed of myself. I couldn't bring myself to say it," Evan's father said.

Within hours, Evan's father confessed.

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