Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Resources: Abstracts on SBS cases in NYC, AAP and AHT

Just got an email with links to three article abstracts that sound interesting...

JR Gill, LB Goldfeder, V Armbrustmacher, A Coleman, H Mena, and CS Hirsch; Fatal head injury in children younger than 2 years in New York City and an overview of the shaken baby syndrome; Arch Pathol Lab Med 1 Apr 2009 133(4): p. 619.

CW Christian, R Block, and and the Committee on Child Abuse and Neglect; Abusive head trauma in infants and children; Pediatrics 1 May 2009 123(5): p. 1409.

Section on Radiology; Diagnostic imaging of child abuse; Pediatrics 1 May 2009 123(5): p. 1430.

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